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Why Kiwa is the right choice

Speed to market

When working with Kiwa you can take advantage of streamlined processes throughout Kiwa's network around the world. You can gain certifications and approvals for the water market in many countries without the need for retesting or working with multiple organizations. Kiwa aims to help you as a client to translate your quality assurance needs faster to market and reduce cost considerably.

Regulatory coverage
The complexity of regulatory coverage may sometimes be seen as the necessary evil. Within Kiwa you find a team of committed and experienced project managers and technical engineers with the specific regulatory knowledge of water markets ready to support your certification or approval requirements across different geographies to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process from start to finish.

Local to local service
Kiwa has its own accredited laboratories and offices, so you can work with local Kiwa experts. They help you to obtain the required certifications and approvals for all your services, products and technologies for the respective water markets.

Excellent track record
Kiwawas founded in 1948 as an institute for the certification of the drinking infrastructure in the Netherlands from source to tap. From then on, Kiwaplayed an important role in safeguarding the quality of the public water services in the Netherlands, which makes for almost 70 years ofexperience inworking with manufacturers and regulatory agencies. Knowledge based, world class, independent certification, testing and inspection services, streamlined to operate close to clients.