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New legislation in the Nordics

Recently new legislation has been published in Denmark with respect to demands of products in contact with drinking water. In Sweden the transition period for the new legislation has been extended till the 1st of July 2017.

In Denmark the government has taken an important step in modernizing the legislation with the approval of foreign “watermarks” on the Danish market. Beside the Danish GDV are also accepted: the Swedish type approval, the Dutch Watermark (former ATA) and the German DVGW. With this revolutionary step the Danish government allows foreign TIC-agencies on the Danish market in respect to the approval of materials and products in contact with drinking water. The Danish Transport and Construction Agency hope to make things easier for the water industry with this measure. The Executive order is called BEK 1007 and replaces the old order BEK 666. More information can be found on the websiteof the agency.

In Sweden the Ministry of housing (Boverket) has decided to extend the transition period for the new demands on products in contact with drinking water till the first of July 2017. The influence of the changed levels for lead migrating to drinking water, on the industry is much bigger than expected. So the government gives the industry till the first of July 2017 to comply with the new demands. In the upcoming Swedish legislation the traditional NKB-testing is mentioned, but the new 4MS testing method (EN15664) is also accepted. Boverket published this measure in building regulation BBR23.

More information in Swedish can be found inBFS2016-6-BBR-23 or here.

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