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Market access

We cannot make market access easier, but we aim to make it simpler

What does this mean for you?

As a supplier in the water sector you often need to declare to their customers and governments that your services, products or technologies comply to certain technical and/or hygienic criteria. Navigating yourself through the approval process in each country requires a trustworthy ‘Partner for Progress' that helps organizations overcome this challenge. We are now able to facilitate your certification, testing and inspection needs in accordance to regulatory requirements across Europe, North America and Middle East. This services provides our customers with an opportunity to expand their market reach. Kiwa has basically all the ingredients to facilitate all the quality and safety related needs for the water sector and substantially reduce certification costs.

How does it work?
Depending on target market and local regulations applicable, we can provide full certification or facilitate the process for attaining your quality assurance needs. The services are therefore tailored and each carefully coordinated by our local experts. In general we identify three basic steps, namely, product evaluation, verification and certification. In the first step we define the scope and understand specific needs, preferences and priorities. We then translate this scope into product criteria in accordance with local requirements and verify them by conducting model calculations and testing in our accredited laboratory facilities. In the last step we validate the manufacturing process to ensure continues quality of the products and services delivered. Once the approval has been completed, maintenance of product and process criteria through yearly inspection may also be applicable.

What next?
We would like to invite you to contact us and let the local Kiwa experts help you improve your time to market, bundle your services and reduce the number of contracted service providers by reducing production site audits and overall costs.